Bali On A Budget – Island Paradise for Less Then $25 Per Day

Now, budget travel is not for everyone…  Some automatically assume that budget = bedbugs & bad food, others prefer to splash out a little on a vacation and treat themselves to a little more luxury. In our opinion.. Bali is perfect for both, and in this post we talk about Bali On A Budget – Island Paradise for Less Then $25 Per Day

So first of all: YES. IT’S POSSIBLE. And you don’t have to sleep on the beach (unless you want to because it’s actually really nice!) and eat plain rice every meal. Here’s a few tips on how you can get by on no more then $25 per day whilst in the tropical island paradise of Bali.


Ok – so here’s where most people fall down, spending upwards of $20 per night and thinking they’ve got a good deal. That’s actually a Bali-Bad-Deal.. and you’ve been ripped off. When on the Island of the Gods, there’s so many options that will cost just a fifth of this!

Check out our faves below… all well located, clean, with wifi, nice friendly staff – and well within budget!

Happy Mango Tree, Ubud - $5 per night

This little gem starts from $5 per night, shared dorm.  Cheerful and bright, there’s also an in house restaurant (great food, great prices!) for when you want to stay in rather then go out! More here

Zen Rooms, Jimbaran - $9 per night

From $9 per night for a superior double room. Wouldn’t you rather spend your cash on an amazing seafood BBQ at Jimbaran Bay beach instead? More here

Seminyak Point Guest House - $12 per night

Standard rooms just $12 per night. There’s no need to book yourself into the luxury resorts or villas of Seminyak, when comfortable places like this exist! Recently refurbished, it’s the perfect pad from which to head out and explore, or stay in relax. More here

cheap hotels bali

Mag Canggu - $13 per night

Deluxe double room just $13. These lovely rooms feel more like cottages, rooms are simply but beautifully decorated, nice and clean, and situated in green gardens (and we love the bathroom!). More here

Lok Baintan, Floating Market

Food: $1 - $7 per day

Well this is obvious… when in Indonesia, eat Indonesian food! There is absolutely no reason to blow out your budget on restaurant food, when there’s local warungs that serve up some of the most amazing dishes you could imagine!
What can you eat? The great thing about food in Indonesia is that it’s varied, and never short on taste. Noodle soup with your choice of chicken, beef, fish.  Chicken with rice and vegges, grilled pork with bowl of rice, bakso (meatball soup) or martabak (a local pancake). Any and all of the below shouldn’t cost you more then $1-$2.  Or if you're really on a tight budget, grab a loaf of bread, head to the market for local fruits and veg, some chicken/fish, and cook yourself up meal. All three meals will then cost you around $5!

scooter hire bali

Transport: $5

One word: scooter.  For around 50,000Rp per day (about $3.50) you can get wherever you need to go! And of course if you’re with a buddy, the cost is halved. Depending where you are, petrol will be around 8500Rp (60c) per litre… so really, the island is at your complete disposal if you’re willing to ride around on a scooter. Lots of tourists do this no problem.. and scooter rental is easy to find: just ask your accommodation, if they don’t rent them themselves they’ll find you someone within minutes who can!


Sightseeing: FREE

This could actually cost you nothing….  it costs not single cent to go to one of the many beautiful beaches. Or to visit the magnificent cliffs of Uluwatu, the rice paddies in the north, or wander the local markets. Visit temples, leap into waterfalls, head to the hills or flower fields. We could go on.. but it’s a whole other blog post!



So there you have it...

Beautiful Bali on no more then $25 per day.  There's really NO need to spend thousands a week on a an Bali experience.. with so many options available for accommodation, food, transport and sight seeing, all for just a few dollars each, you can stay longer and do more! Fancy a vacation anyone?

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Bali On A Budget – Island Paradise for Less Then $25 Per Day

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